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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Woo family

Delta Zeta is near and dear to my heart. I have grown in DZ and learned so much from my experiences. Despite the downside to dealing with 70 other sisters sometimes, there is one aspect of Delta Zeta that makes me tear up (happy tears) every time. What I love most is when we have our big sister/little sister reveal. The new members have no idea who their big sister is. For weeks, the big sisters leave their little sister secret notes and gifts, creeping on the new members and crafting for them. Then one weekend, we reveal all of the big sisters to the little sisters. It is a joyous moment.

This year, I received a grand-little. She is so precious! My little told me from the beginning that she would love to have Kelsey as her little sister. Kelsey is the perfect addition to our family. She is sporty, fun-loving, smart, beautiful and of course, she loves to be silly. Kelsey fits in with our crazy extended family as well. We are considered the Woo family and things can get crazy around us. I love seeing the bonds that are formed, even before the big/little reveal happens. Relationships that will last years build and grow in Delta Zeta. Many of the women in our sorority will be the women I hope to have in my wedding someday. Seeing Kelsey immediately fit right into our family filled my heart with love and joy. I know that she will learn a lot from our family and we will learn from her. I look forward to spending the rest of the year growing close to her and loving her!
From left to right: Rita, Melissa, Rachel and Kelsey
 My little sister, Rachel, is so adorable! I love her and we are pretty much the same person. I have loved growing close to Rachel and spending the past two years with her. My big sister was also able to come back for the reveal! It was so fantastic to see her and spend the weekend as a whole family.We had some great new additions to our family. Our Woo family grows every year and it is terrific to see all of our different personalities blend so well together. It is also very, very scary because the more our family grows, the older I feel!
Here is part of the Woo family!


  1. Melissa your family is beautiful! I may not be in a sorority, but I know how special it is to have a group of women that share special times with and grow to love. My basketball team is my sorority and I wouldn't trade any of those girls for the world. I'm so glad that you have enjoyed your years at Northern as DZ and I know that they will all miss you and your leadership next year.

  2. I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful family. We are all such driven women, and yet we ALL know how to have a good time too. I'm so happy to see how large we've gotten in these past few years and can't wait to see the Woo Family grow!