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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Love Forever Strong

I love Ohio Northern. I'm mildly obsessed with the university and all of the experiences it has to offer. That is why I became a Good News Bear, I volunteer and I share my stories of being a student here at Northern. All of that rolled into one, turns into my excitement over Homecoming.

I had been looking forward to Homecoming for at least two weeks and when it finally arrived, it was everything I had hoped for. The parade was wonderful, the football game was fun and the afternoon festivities were endless. My all-time favorite part about my Saturday was the Delta Zeta Alumnae Luncheon. At our luncheon we invite old and new, past and present Delta Zeta sisters to the house to enjoy a wonderful potluck mean prepared by our sisters. It is always a great way to relax after the parade and football game. This year I decided to take a more active roll in getting to know the different alumna that walked through our front door.

One particular alumna caught my eye. She was wearing a green coat, a knit hat and arrived with her husband by her side. I introduced myself and she immediately returned the gesture. She told me her name was Ann and she was one of the "originals." I knew that meant she had been one of the first Delta Zeta pledge classes at ONU, ever! I was excited to talk with her and listen to her stories. Her husband was sweet and took care of her needs. He went to sit down and I was left standing with Ann. She told me about how much the campus has changed, where she lives now and what she did after college. It was amazing to learn about the university through the eyes of someone who was here so long ago.

Not only did I learn about Delta Zeta but I learned about ONU that day. Her love for DZ and the university shined in her eyes when she spoke. I was able to tell her about modern-day campus and the wonderful new members in Delta Zeta. I shared with her my deep love for ONU, and how much I love the people here. It was such a great feeling knowing that I could connect with this amazing woman. We had so much in common and I could have easily stood and talked with her all day. As I waved good-bye to Ann and her husband, I told myself that I was going to just like her when I grew up. I wanted to inspire and reassure a young Delta Zeta one day and reaffirm why we both chose Delta Zeta and Ohio Northern University.

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