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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm always late.

I love Pinterest! It is true, I am one of those girls that can spend a hour or two on Pinterest. I lose myself in pages upon pages of DIY projects, wedding photos, baby shower ideas and workout blogs. Well today, as I was looking for some public relations or social media post, I found a post on the PR Daily suggesting "7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts." Jessica Turner talked about her experience with Pinterest and a few tips that she used to drive the most traffic to her Pinterest boards and blogs. Here are the seven tips that Turner talked about.

  1. Write your post as a list
  2. Use text on your photos, or create a title graphic
  3. Add a "Pin It" button beneath the photo you want to be pinned, and write a smart, searchable tag for the caption
  4. Write a post that is timely
  5. Ask friends who are active on Pinterest to pin your content
  6. Push the post out via social media, multiple times over an appropriate period
  7. Remind people of the posts after the initial "peak period"
If I have learned anything this semester, it is that time matters. Real- time is reality, and a PR practitioner always needs to have content that is up-to-date and  relevant to what is happening. In her post, Turner talks about a blog post she put on Pinterest. She remarked that it would not have been pinned more that 41,000 times if she had posted the blog in February. Why is that? Because people aren't thinking about Easter in February, especially if Easter isn't until April. So, by posting her blog closer to Easter, Turner was able to generate a whole bunch of traffic.

This tip is something I would like to work on and incorporate into everything I do. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about the 24 mile sky dive jump. It was world record breaking and will make the history books one day. I blogged about it five days later. By that time, it was old news. Everyone had already heard, seen or read about it. It was no wonder I didn't receive much traffic on that blog story that week. I believe that getting into the habit of posting in real-time and on time will not only help me in this class, but it will also become second nature when I have a "big girl job." I will already know that I have to blog, post or update when things are happening, not five days later. I'm going to hopefully do a better job of staying on time with my posts. Besides, Turner was able to generate 41,000 pins with just one blog post. Maybe I can do that, too.

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