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Monday, September 10, 2012

You know you work in social media when...

Social media is a huge part of any public relations or marketing career. As a senior in college, with the hopes that one day I will be a professional in marketing or public relations, I've found my own quirks about social media. Kevin Allen posted on the PR Daily, "25 signs you work in social media", and it definitely caught my eye.

1. You go out for drinks with your co-workers and spend the first 10 minutes looking at your phone to check how your brands’ posts are faring. 

2. You’ve sent an all-company email asking everyone to follow or “like” your client. 

3. You find yourself excited when one of the “stars” of “Sixteen and Pregnant” retweets your content to her legions of followers. 

4. You find yourself saying things like, “I spend all day on Facebook, but I can’t remember the last time I checked my personal account.” 

5. You get really annoyed when people use hashtags on Facebook. 

6. You get really annoyed when people don't know what "hashtag" means. 

7. You feel for Oreo’s page manager right now

8. You “like” about 500 Facebook pages of brands you would never use or associate with. 

9. Made-up words like "shareable" are part of your daily vocabulary. 

10. You were elated when Facebook launched its Pages app, allowing you to manage your brands’ pages from anywhere. 

11. You were devastated when Facebook launched its Pages app, allowing you to manage your brands’ pages from anywhere. 

12. You consider yourself completely qualified for a career in customer service. 

Photo courtesy of PR Daily.
14. When you think of “engagement,” a future wedding is no longer top of mind. 

15. You’d never date someone who still uses MySpace. 

16. And thanks to Chrysler’s 2011 Twitter crisis, you have horrible anxiety about installing a brand’s account on your mobile device. 

17. You fantasize about having physical altercations with the people who post “first” in the comments. 

18. There’s nothing that upsets you more than improper use of your/you’re. 

19. Based on your brand page’s spam, you should have been visited by some girl’s ghost and a deranged clown or two several times over. 

20. Man or woman, you write like an excited teenage girl sometimes and you just can't help it. 

21. Sometimes you absolutely NEED to write in caps … for emphasis. 

22. You don't just use exclamation points—you abuse them! 

23. You know about every pointless holiday ever conceived from building your content calendars, yet you can't remember your best friend's birthday. 

24. You've engaged in conversation with a "brand champ" more than your family members in the past two weeks. 

25. Your Instagram account is nothing but pictures related to the brand you manage.

I hope you chuckled when you read a few of these. To me, many of these are true and I have experienced some of them first hand. In today's world of PR and marketing, social media is the key to being successful. It seems as if every company has a Facebook or a Twitter, and sometimes even a Pinterest. It can be very overwhelming when surfing on the Internet and you are bombarded with spam, advertisements, "Click Here!", "You're a Winner!", and so on. Unfortunately, these companies are just trying to do their jobs. As a professional using social media, it is hard to know when it's considered "too much", or when to stop. Tips and tricks to social media are changing every day, and people are constantly changing the rules. Thankfully, you can always figure out what works best for you and your own company, and build from there.

After reading this comical, yet semi-true post, it helped me get to thinking about after I graduate. I know that there were a few on this list that I hope I never do on a social media site. There are others though, that no matter how hard I try, I will probably always be guilty of. Are you guilty of any of these top 25 ways you know you work in social media?   

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  1. I had a good chuckle with a few of them. My favorite by far is "20. Man or woman, you write like an excited teenage girl sometimes and you just can't help it." because I feel like everyone does it at some point or to some extent. I know I do it about things I enjoy in life.