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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Home Away From Home

Delta Zeta has been a part of my life for the past three years. I have so many memories and amazing friends in Delta Zeta, and I can say it has truly changed my life. As president, I have huge responsibilities and it is never easy. These women I call my sister's can make me laugh, cry, yell and smile. I could go on and on about the positives and negatives, but this past weekend made me realize how insignificant those negative factors are.

This past weekend was our Bid Day. This is the day where we hand out bids to potential new members and we happily greet our new members. We call this the "sorority Christmas" because we are so excited to receive all of our new members! Today, as I stood at my last Bid Day celebration, awaiting the arrival of our newest members, I couldn't help but shed a few tears of happiness. I reflected on my Bid Day and the excitement I felt. I remembered feeling so overwhelmed with everything that was going on. And then I looked around at watched my sisters welcome our new members. I saw the joy, the smiles, the happiness and the love on every single girls' face. It was awesome to see all of the acceptance that surrounded our new members. It made me realize how much I love this group of women. As frustrating as they can be, I love them to death and would do anything for them.

I love my sorority, and the women that make it the wonderful sisterhood that it is. Yeah, I'm sad that this was my last Bid Day, and that in eight short months I'll be graduating. I know that I'll be leaving behind a legacy and a great group of women. I have found a home away from home, and a support system like no other. I am so thankful for these women I call my sisters!


  1. Mel, I completely agree when you say "home away from home." Being in a fraternity myself I can attest to this. It's an amazing feeling knowing that there is always going to be a group of guys who would do anything for me at the drop of hat, and I would do the same for them. Having that bond of brotherhood is something that you can't find many other places. I'm so grateful for my brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and I couldn't agree with you more about the support system that you have when you're Greek.

  2. Leaving behind that legacy will keep you in touch long after you have left (like me!)! Awesome job during recruitment and all the best for the coming year. Enjoy every second!!