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Monday, November 19, 2012

"New York, you're tough"

I was sitting in my room today when my iPhone went off. I thought maybe it was a text message, but I saw that it was an AP Mobile Update that said that the President addressed the "storm-battered" people of New York today. A quote from President Obama said, "New York, you're tough." I was appalled. I thought, "If that is all he said to the tragedy-laded people of New York, that is just pathetic!" So I watched the video to hear more.

The setting of the video was some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in New York. Obama showed up in a casual, presidential windbreaker. As he walked up to the podium, he told the people that he was going to keep it brief, and the speech seemed very informal. He thanked first responders, the major, the governor, state and local officials and the American Red Cross. Obama touched on the people that still need electricity, heat, food, clean water and children that had no where to attend school. He even thanked the sanitation workers for all of their help. Not only did Obama focus on short-term recovery goals, but he also touched on the long-term rebuilding efforts. He touched on what he, as the president, was going to do. He also talked federal side, congress and the plan for rebuilding.

Obama closed with a heartfelt story of parents who lost two young sons to Hurricane Sandy. He talked about the family, as well as the thanks the family wished to express for a lieutenant in the New York Police Department. The president said that the lieutenant went above and beyond his call to duty, and that is the spirit of the American people.

The quote about New Yorker's being tough came at the very end. Once I heard the quote in context, it made more sense and I appreciated what Obama had to say to the New York people. His informal speech was off the cuff and did not seem to be rehearsed. I felt like he was talking from the heart and talking to the people. One thing I would have liked differently was if he hadn't digressed a few times. He just needed a few bullet points to stay on track. Overall, I think that letting the people of New York know the up and coming plans for the city was a great move on Obama's part. After watching the entire speech, it made me feel better knowing that Obama wasn't just giving a pep talk to New York.


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