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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giving Back

Social responsibility isn't just for large corporations. Small business are beginning to give back to their communities, even with the tough economy. The Pacific Cheesecake Company has proven that small business can donate to local charities and foundations.

Pacific Cheesecake Company has been in business for a little over a year and has already begun to donate about $2,000 according to technorati.com. Even as a small family-run business, Pacific Cheesecake Company has given to non-profit groups such as: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Born this Way Foundation, Upward Bound, and a few others. Raising funds for these charities is all a part of this small businesses' mission statement and personal goals.

There are a few strengths and weaknesses associated with small businesses donating to special causes. Internal strengths can include helping a foundation that is important to the employees. With fewer employees, it can benefit the business to ask their employees which charities mean a lot to them. By doing that it can help make the employees feel like what they care about personally matters to the business. However, with the economy unstable, small businesses that give to charities are taking large risks. The small business that donate to foundations and charities are taking from the capital that can be used to improve their business.

Often times, opportunities and threats can play a part in small businesses donating to good causes. Not everyone believes in the same causes, and when customers find out the business gives to a cause they do not agree with, customers may find somewhere else to shop. It is a risk and a chance that small businesses are sometimes willing to take. Threats can also include the expectation from the public to consistently give to various foundations. This can overwhelm and use up all of the capital of the small business. On the flip side, small businesses are given the opportunity to give back to causes they deem worthy. They also can get some great PR out of donating to a charity, or helping out at a charity event. A small business can also showcase their products or services by donating to the foundation. Using the charities they donate to can also help in their marketing by finding a new target audience, and showing the community how much they truly care. I believe that no matter what the strengths, weaknesses, or threats are, the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate is always the greatest thing a small business can do.

What are your thoughts about a small businesses social responsibility?


  1. Melissa, I think that giving back, whether it be a small business, large business, individual or anything between those is absolutely wonderful. Yes, it may be risky, but the benefits of giving back have to counter the risks heavily. After all, what goes around comes around.

  2. I really believe that giving back to the community allows the community and the business to grow as a whole. I would like to look at it from another angle, would businesses small or large give back to the community if the government did not persuade companies to give back to their communities such as tax breaks?