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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chief Real-Time

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer are all common positions in the corporate world. Have you ever heard of a Chief Real-Time Communications Officer? Me either. That's because there is no such position. In David Meerman Scott's book, Real-Time Marketing & PR, he brings up the position of the Chief Real-Time Communications Officer (CRTCO). I thought it sounded pretty reasonable to me. Scott saw the need for a high-level professional that would be backed with a team of "real-time administrators." The responsibilities of the CRTCO would consist of leadership and coordination in a range of real-time activities, starting with the company real-time communication guidelines (Scott 2011). In the book, there is a job description that Scott and his followers compiled for the position. Here are just a few:

  • Serve as central coordination point across departments for real-time communication strategy and tactics.
  • Act as primary contact point and clearinghouse for breaking issues affecting the organization on mainstream or social media.
  • Ensure that the company monitors and responds to appropriate forums in real time. 
  • Fill key roles in crisis communication planning and execution.
  • Advise, train, coach and counsel other employees on real-time communication. 
I believe that these are all great descriptions of what the position should consist of. The job description lists tasks that cover all aspects of real-time communication. From the internal structure to handling crisis and external situations, the job description brings this non-existent position to life.

I also did some research on my own for a similar position. On Monster.com , Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. listed a job summary for a Director of Social Marketing in the Direct to Consumer department in Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. The job summary that was listed on the Monster web site ran very closely alongside of the description that Scott and his followers put together. Both positions required leadership and communication. The Warner Bros. job was more descriptive when talking about projects and other specific tasks.

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Having a CRTCO within the next few years is not out of the question. Many organizations are realizing that the job of taking care of the social media aspect can no longer be handled by just the marketing or public relations department. A CRTCO would have one focus and that focus would be one real-time communication. The idea of having this position come into affect would be an excellent way to help a company stand out from the rest. A concentrated position that focuses on social media and real-time could help bring huge benefits and countless advantages to the organization. I think David Meerman Scott was on to something when he suggested implementing a CRTCO. What do you think of companies creating a Chief Real-Time Communications Officer?

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