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Monday, October 22, 2012

Time is on your side

In Katie Paine's book, Measure what Matters, Katie talks about the "seven steps to perfect measurement." After completing those seven steps, it is important to present your results to your boss. The power of persuasion has never been as important as it is in this moment. Presenting your results to your bosses successfully, will lead to more exposure to successful projects. Paine gives the reader a few key actions to focus on when presenting your results.

  • Ask for money
  • Get commitment
  • Manage timing
  • Buy influence
  • Get outside help
  • Just say no
Manage timing is a key point that professionals sometime overlook. Having deadlines on projects can make or break a project. Setting goals on a timeline can keep a project moving in the right direction. When working on a project it important to show the effects of strategic timing. Paine suggests demonstrating the strategic timing's effects and results through graphs and charts that can show change over time. I am a very visual person and I know from personal experience that charts and graphs can make a difference in choosing one option over another, and still getting the results you want. This is great advice from Paine to me because as a business student, it can be easy to get bogged down with numbers. Professors are always saying, "Show your ROI," or "Put that information into quantitative data." Numbers can overtake a vision you have for a project. By taking the time to make charts and graphs showing effects of timing on a project, it not only helps me to understand but it can also help my boss stop and look at what I have to offer. Measurement can be done in any number of ways, but by showing results visually, it can help to demonstrate your ideas and persuade people more effectively.

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