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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is PR?

What is PR?

That was the question that Ashley and I posed to students around campus this week. In our class, we were assigned a video project. We had to create a video that could be shown to potential students and their parents, talking about our wonderful public relations program here at Ohio Northern University. We asked students ranging from education, music, engineering, business and graphic design what they thought PR meant. We got a lot of great responses!

After asking non-PR majors what PR was, we asked two senior PR students. They gave their definition of public relations and other qualities of a PR student. Ashley and I also wanted to share the great benefits of being a PR student at ONU. We focused on being able to join PRSSA, attend national PRSSA events, network with professionals, gaining real-world experience in firm, and the ability to work at great internships.

We hope potential students watch this video and see what cool things we get to do for class. I also hope they see the great benefits the our program has to offer.

I hope you watch this video and enjoy it just as much as we do!

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  1. I loved your video. It accurately portrayed how most people have no idea what PR really is or have a very narrow idea. Lauren and Jake did a great job explaining what it really means and all it entails.