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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A beautiful send-off for a beautiful woman

Miss Ohio, Elissa McCracken asked me to speak at her Miss America send-off. I was both honored and excited. Below is my speech. Enjoy!

There are a few things that are important to a delta zeta; her big and her little, her sisters, the socials, and the endless amount of clothes available to wear for any occasion. But what is most important to a member of delta zeta is her creed. We strive as young women to live by our creed. One person in particular lives the delta zeta creed in her daily life. Elissa, whom we are all here to celebrate today, embraces our values and creed, and what it means to be a sister of delta zeta.
            “To the world, I promise temperance, and insight, and courage” this first line of our creed defines Elissa in her current role as Miss Ohio. During Elissa’s middle school years, she was cyber bullied. Today, Elissa helps fight against cyber bullying with insight and courage.
            “To crusade for justice, to seek the truth and defend it always” honesty is a quality that Elissa exemplifies routinely. Whether she was giving her opinion in delta zeta, or offering advice to a young middle school girl who was being bullied; Elissa never fails to show compassion and honesty in her words and actions.
            “To those whom my life may touch in slight measure, may I give graciously of what is mine” this line is a favorite line of many delta zeta sisters. We believe in giving back to the community, whether we are raising money for the painted turtle camp or the Starkey hearing foundation. As delta zetas, we are always the first to raise our hand to volunteer and Elissa is no exception. Always going above and beyond what is asked of her; Elissa makes sure she can do whatever she can to help others.
            “To my friends, understanding and appreciation” this next line in our creed describes qualities that Elissa possesses. Her empathy, kindness and listening abilities allow Elissa to be a friend to all the sisters in delta zeta. Although she has been busy traveling during the school year, she has still kept up her relationships because she truly cares about sisters and what they are doing in their own lives.
            “To those closer ones, love that is ever steadfast” through delta zeta, Elissa has embraced a loving family of her own. Being an only child, Elissa has acquired the sisters she never had growing up. Her devotion and kindness for her family shows in the smile she wears when they are together in a room. 
            “To my mind, growth” this line in our creed is one that applies to delta zetas, young and old. We are constantly allowing our minds to grow. By learning new things every day, Elissa has given herself the skills and qualities needed to be successful, not just in DZ or school but in life.
            “To myself, faith” Elissa has unwavering faith in herself. She never lets criticism or disappointment discourage her from achieving her dreams. It has always been a dream of hers to become Miss Ohio, and here we are today, sending her off to Miss America. Elissa’s faith and commitment to herself has allowed her to be true to herself.
            “That I may walk truly in the light of the flame” Elissa truly embodies delta zeta and our creed through her words and through her actions. We know that as she embarks on her journey to Miss America, she will not only represent Ohio, Ohio northern university and delta zeta, she will represent our ideals and our creed.  Elissa will keep that flame burning true and bright as she represents every single one of her delta zeta sisters.
Congratulations Elissa. Delta zeta is so proud of you. We look forward to supporting you as you follow your dreams to Miss America. 
Delta Zeta's supporting Elissa

Elissa crowned as Miss Ohio


  1. Such a perfect speech for the occasion. I'm so proud of you Melissa! I knew when I read your draft that everyone would love it, especially Elissa. You guys gave her the encouragement she needed and I'm sure that she will make DZ proud!

  2. Your speech was awesome! No wonder it made Elissa cry! You did a great job. It was very moving and completely true. I hope Elissa enjoyed her send-off as much as all of us did. You looked pretty too! Such a cute dress!