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Monday, October 8, 2012

I think I've made my point

By now, I think I have learned the importance of real-time awareness, social media and other tools for public relations. However, in the reading we had to do for class, I found one more reason PR practitioners need to be on top of their game. Within the reading selection, Brian Solis talked about organizations not being tuned into what was going on in Web 2.0. Executives asked the simple questions that Solis assumed they should already know the answers to. Many times, "many companies still don't see the value of blogs." Organizations don't see why a blog is necessary and view it as a place to rant or share a personal opinion. Other times, an executive tells the PR department to go ahead with a blog and it ends up being used as a channel to pump news releases and information. Solis believes that the best thing an organization can do is get involved in the conversations that are happening around and about the organization. Solis said, "Those conversations are going to happen out there with or without them, and if companies aren't on the radar screen, then they're missing opportunities."

This is extremely important to remember because some organizations don't see the consequences. Not being involved in the online world can hurt an organization and decrease it's value. Consumer's want instant feedback and answers to their problems and having that online presence can help. Executives and organizations can choose to ignore the conversations that are happening on the Internet on blogs, forums, social media and more and they are only choosing to hurt themselves. When a company is constantly involved in the online presence, it creates a sense of credibility and respect that drives this message home. The importance of real-time awareness, social media and other tools are essential to a companies survival in today's Internet-friendly world.

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