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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are we in aggreeance that this is ridonkulous?

I've come to learn that PR professionals can be nit-picky, detail oriented and for lack of a better word, whiny. Please don't take this the wrong way, there is nothing wrong with that! I believe that PR professionals are happy in their PR worlds, find a niche and tend to stay there. Grammar and word choices are one of those PR annoyances that will get any practitioner fired up. Check out the PR Daily website for this article written by Dorthy Crenshaw about words that are overused or commonly misused in the professional world. I've listed a few that really stood out to me:
  • Aggreeance- I believe this word is not in the dictionary
  • Smirting- I have never heard of this before. Here is what Crenshaw had to say about it. "This is meant to refer to flirting while smoking, since anti-smoking regulations have driven so many office workers outdoors. NPR’s “A Way With Words” confirms my suspicion that it’s something a PR person invented and tried to popularize, but it never really caught fire."
  • Ridonkulous- I only ever use this word if I am prepared to get strange looks.
  • Sexting- Last year “sexting” was named the Most Annoying New Tech Word by Computeractive magazine. I am a culprit of using this word a time or two. 
Utilize and buzz are a few of my personal annoyances. Do you have any words you would like to add?

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