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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Family Matters

Family Day- a day to show your family your tiny dorm room, show them how many friends you have (or don't have), and an afternoon to remind yourself how thankful you are to be out of the house.

At least that's what I used to think. Today, I was so thankful to have my family come and spend the entire day with me. They arrived early in the morning, bringing me gifts of homemade frozen dinners, baked goods, and fun Halloween decorations. We went to my DZ sorority house and had a wonderful meal. I then showed my family around my apartment. My grandparents had never seen my apartment before and they loved it! Ada's Harvest and Herb Festival was on Main Street so we walked down to look at the vendors and goodies. We then headed to my cousin's freshmen dorms to check out his room. As a family, we walked out to the football stadium to watch the halftime show and watch the football team. After the football game, we went to Ada's Pumpkin Chunkin contest and was amazed by what we saw when we got there. It was hilarious, yet amazing to see what the people of Ada can do with a catapult and pumpkins.

Ice cream, hugs and kisses goodbye ended our day. I was sad to see them go but I knew that I had a wonderful day. To see my family so happy to be with me and spending the beautiful day outside, it made my heart so happy. My family is as crazy as can be, but we love each other no matter what. We poke fun at each other, while at the same time we encourage and praise each other through life's ups and downs.I love my family more than anything and today reassured that feeling. I loved knowing that my family is always there to support me and love me through my ever-changing life.

Family Day- a day to show your family a glimpse of your life at college, share your experiences and an afternoon to remind yourself how thankful you are to have such a loving family.

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